Adult Pink Knee Length Crinoline


When you need a little more volume, this Adult Pink Knee Length Crinoline can really bring it. Looking great this Halloween? Just got a whole lot easier.

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You’re all ready to go out there and party like there’s no tomorrow, and don’t get us wrong, you totally already look amazing… but, is there something simple you could add to make your look even more brilliant? Why yes there is. All you need is this pink crinoline (And love. All you need is love. Love and petticoats)! Sometimes accessories make the look. The difference is in the details, and we think this one is really going to turn your skirt’s volume up to 11. (Yep, we somehow worked a Spinal Tap reference into a description about a crinoline, you read that right). If pink just doesn’t work for you, check out our other colors for the perfect match.

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