Adult Pink Footless Tights


You can complete your colorful or 80s inspired costume this Halloween with these Pink Footless Tights for Adults! These spandex and nylon footless tights are one size.

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The 80s Called…And they want their neon colors back. You know what we say about that? No way 80s! You had your chance to rock the awesome neon styles, now the neon colors are ours!Seriously though, the 80s had the right idea when it came to neon colors. They add an electrifying spice to everyday life and we think it’s about time that bright fashion made a comeback! You can start the movement with these Adult Pink Footless Tights.Product DetailsThese adult tights add a dash of sizzle to your outfit! They have a brilliant pink color that looks like it came straight from a 1980s music video. They are made out of a spandex and nylon blend that stretches for a form fit. They fit most adults up to 160 lbs. We recommend using them to put the finishing touch on your 80s costume!Time After TimeThese adult Pink Footless Tights have a ton of versatility! Not only do they give you a great pair of leggings to wear during your next 80s party, but you can also use them with any everyday outfit to bring a showstopping splash of neon pink to the mix!

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