Adult Pete the Cat Costume


Make story time even more fun with our Adult Pete the Cat Costume! This costume features Pete the blue cat with a yellow shirt that has colorful buttons and bright red and white sneakers.

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Chillin’ Like a Kitty CatMan, wouldn’t that be extra neat?To be a little more like our feline friend, Pete!That calm cat always knows how to keep his coolEven when he goes to his first day of schoolAnd when he spills some grape juiceOn his favorite pair of tennis shoesHe doesn’t get steamed or mad, no way!He doesn’t get mean, instead, he gets glad, right awayBecause purple shoes are the raddest shoes he could haveOn any glorious dayHe always looks at the bright side of life,Lookin’ at life that way, it’s quite nice!So what do you say?Do you want to live a Pete the Cat kind of day?Design & DetailsIt’s hard not to have a relaxed day when you’re trying to live like Pete the Cat! He’s a chill feline who never sweats the small things. Now, with this officially licensed Pete the Cat Costume for adults, you can turn into the ultra-relaxed cat. The costume is one of our Made by Us costumes, which means our costume designers spent some extra effort trying to create an outfit that captures Pete’s signature style. It comes with a top that recreates Pete’s yellow coat and even has his different colored buttons appliqued on the front. The pants are blue and have elastic in the waist. The mitts are matching blue and the red shoe covers look like Pete the Cat’s lovely red shoes from the storybook. Finally, the costume comes with a hood that fastens with a strap under the chin. Put it all together and you have a chill look that’s ready for a Pete the Cat kind of day!Be Pete for a Day!Chilling has never been easier when you’re channeling the vibes of the world’s most relaxed cat! Whether you’re a fan of Pete yourself or you want to make a special child in your life very happy by transforming into their favorite storybook character!

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