Glittery Fairy Makeup Kit


Looking for the perfect touch to your costume? This Glittery Fairy Costume Makeup Kit will be a great addition to your fairy, unicorn, or mermaid costume look!

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Magical MakeupWhat does a fairy look like? You might get some different answers if you ask different people. Legends about fairies will vary depending on the culture and time period they originate from. They’re sometimes called sprites, fair folk, pixies, or the fey. Most traditions claim that they can fly, but some say they depend on wings, while others say they soar solely through magic. Stories of their size range from tinier than flowers to almost as big as humans. However, almost all myths agree on the fact that fairies are magical to some degree. We think since there isn’t one generally accepted idea of what they look like, you can imagine them however you want! The only thing we know for sure is that they’re not human, so if you’re dressing up like one, you have some artistic liberty as well.Product DetailsIf you’re dressing like a fairy and you need to appear just a little less human, try this Glittery Fairy Makeup Kit. This set includes everything you need to give yourself that supernatural sparkle. You can shade your face with 3 different colors of makeup and add glitter and stick-on gems for extra shine. The press-on hair ornament will be the finishing touch to your ethereal look! And of course, you don’t have to be a fairy to use this kit. It can help you complete the aesthetic of any fantasy character!

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