Adult Geezer Nose Glasses


Looking to dress up as an old geezer? Then, these Geezer Nose Glasses for Adults featuring a bulbous nose and an attached hairy eyebrow piece are a must have accessory to finish off your costume or outfit!

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Off the Lawn…Onto the streets! It’s about time you let the grumpy old man who lives within lose this year! That’s right. Now you too can go to dinner at four. Call your friends and leave long voicemail messages that start with you calling out, “Hello? Pickup!” as if answering machines still played in people’s houses. The old man in your soul can book a cruise and grumble about the food the whole time you’re out on the ocean. You can pick up playing Bingo with your friends or if they want to be more active, a little pickleball will do. Are you excited about early retirement? Get onto the geezer scene with these hilarious glasses!Product DetailsSlipping into these glasses is sure to be a good time. The glasses include the nose of an old wise guy and wild eyebrows on the top brim. They fold up and store easily so they can be ready for instant silliness at a moment’s notice!Good Old StandardWhile dressing as an old guy might be the newest Halloween trend, this pair of geezer glasses can be brought out for all sorts of reasons. The perfect offering for a retirement gift, a fiftieth birthday celebration, or themed parties, you may want to order several pairs just in case!

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