Adult Sea Turtle Costume


Dress up as your favorite under water creature in this Adult’s Sea Turtle Costume. This plush costume fits comfortably on anyone and comes with everything you’ll need to become an adorable Sea Turtle.

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Surf’s UpSea turtles swim up to 10,000 miles with their whole family every year. And the thing is, they swim every single one of those miles with a great attitude! Imagine the last road trip you took with your family. Now imagine that you did that road trip every year and it was 10,000 miles long. Thinking back, maybe we’re doing this traveling thing all wrong. Maybe we’d all be a lot happier if we traveled by sea. We could see coral reefs and sunken ships. Bunk up on sun-soaked private beaches when we need a break. Until we overcome our less-than amphibious human limitations and swim hundreds of miles at a time, perhaps it’s time we embrace our laid back sea turtle side in other ways. This color sea turtle costume is a great place to start!Design & DetailsThis gorgeously detailed sea turtle costume is Made By Us, which means it was designed by our in-house team. The illustrated details were created by paying close attention to the sea turtle’s actual pattern, making this a great pick for nautical nature enthusiasts. The costume features a jumpsuit that’s hooded with a sculpted sea turtle head with large eyes at the very top. A large shell is attached to the back, sporting a bright patched pattern. The fins have slits so that you can hide your hands away easily to go into full-on turtle mode while the legs can be strapped onto whatever shoes you think work best to make this sea turtle costume into a complete, sea-ready disguise!Riding the WaveAre you excited about the prospect of getting a little closer to that laid-back sea turtle lifestyle? Just remember, the first step to your new turtle lifestyle is to go ahead and ride whatever waves that come your way! Surf’s up, dude!

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