Adult Evil Corn Mask


It doesn’t get more whacked than an Evil Corn Mask. Seriously, it’s like a corn cob just up and turned into a zombie on your face. No one will be expecting that!

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There was always something a little off with that field, at least that’s what the townspeople used to say. They should have done something about those bad seeds when they had a chance because now this crop is ready for vengeance. Herbicide cant stop old corn head now as he spreads terror this Halloween season. There’s a free range rage in this old corn head’s eyes. Any crows will pay for the nibbling done to fellow corn stalks, not to mention the gash in his own cob. There’s always a kernel of need for a unique and effective costume and now you’ll truly go against the grain. No need to stalk outside of parties lying in wait for an invite, just butter up the host and pop right in there. Anyone who’s seen Children of the Corn will still agree that you are the scariest thing to ever emerge from Iowa. With this mask you could become the farmer, the farmer of fear that is! Prepare to harvest some gluten-free screams because this corns’ nuts.

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