Adult Emoji Heart Smiley Costume


Make sure everyone knows that you love their cute costumes that they’re wearing when you wear this funny Adult Emoji Heart Smiley Costume to your next costume party!

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Love It!There’s no such thing as too much appreciation. Every day has a lot of traffic jams and stubbed toes, so the positive things need talking up. Life’s good times deserve some recognition! The party is lively, the snacks and drinks are delicious, and everyone’s costumes are looking amazing (almost as amazing as yours)! Make sure that everyone knows how fantastic you think they are! You’ll be the most sought-after guest around thanks to your warm and appreciative attitude. Product DetailsYou’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve – now wear it in your “eyes” with this Emoji Heart Smiley Costume for Adults! The outfit includes a circular pullover tunic that has with holes for the arms and head. The front of the tunic is printed with red heart eyes and a smiling red mouth. The costume comes with white gloves that each have four oversized fingers that are great for pointing out your favorite things or your significant other’s many amazing qualities. Eye Heart You Have you ever been texting too fast and accidentally sent the wrong emoji? The heart-eye emoji is probably the best one to send by mistake. People get a little angry if you reply to their “new baby” photo with the “sick to my stomach” emoji, or to their engagement announcement with the red swearing icon. But hearts? Everyone loves hearts! Even if you didn’t mean to send it, you can just play it off as part of your kind and supportive personality. 

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