Hufflepuff Heathered Pom Beanie


Represent your favorite house in style with the Hufflepuff Heathered Pom Beanie. Featuring yellow and black pom beanie with Hufflepuff branding.

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Badgered BadgersAs a Hufflepuff, you’re well-versed in badger facts, intensifying your love for the House mascot. A badger just makes sense! Aside from their industrious ways and fierce dedication to protecting what’s theirs, badgers are smart! Instead of hibernating in the winter, they reduce activity and stay in from the cold. Badgers burrow down into cozy homes and rest unless food or sun calls. It makes you wish you could do the same during Hogwarts winters. Hufflepuff common room is near enough to the kitchens, so food would never be too far. Plus, everyone knows Hufflepuff students are diligent workers throughout the school term. They surely deserve a break longer than the holidays. But classes don’t pause, even under the frozen glass of the greenhouses or snowy skirts of the Dark Forest. Luckily, this Hufflepuff Heathered Pom Beanie makes an adequate alternative to the comforts of the dorm!Design & DetailsPrepare like a proper Hufflepuff when you order this officially licensed accessory for your wardrobe! The Made By Us exclusive starts with a heathered grey and yellow knit construction that looks as inviting as a homemade sweater. As if pulling on the idea of a room filled with plush pillows, the cozy hat is topped with a full and fluffy variegated pompom. Step easily into the winter-chilled halls, or grounds of Hogwarts school with the Hufflepuff crest proudly appliqued to the front of your hat. Sheltered under its lightweight, you’ll feel close to the comfort of the Hufflepuff burrow wherever you go!

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