Adult Dark Reaper Costume


Send shivers down their spine in this Adult Dark Reaper Costume! This dark mysterious costume is exclusive.

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Six Feet BlunderThe other day you were out on your porch putting your feet up on a sunny day. It was a nice day and you were taking your time reading the newspaper and suddenly you looked up and saw a heavily robed man walking up your sidewalk. Of course, you were feeling a little nervous. Who was this? What’s with the getup?Turns out it was the grim reaper himself. He was coming for a soul. At first, he thought you were the hit but thank goodness you had drunk your first cup of coffee so you were on top of your game. You asked him to check his address book to make sure he had the right place. After all, you were feeling healthy as a horse. Turns out he was looking for 44th Ave south and he was at 44th Street. An honest mistake. He stayed for a cup of coffee before heading out to the right address. Turns out, the grim reaper isn’t such a bad guy after all. Design & DetailsYou’ll look chilling in this raggedy Grim Reaper costume that’s Made by Us. Our designers make sure our costumes are a step above the rest. Take the sleeves, for example. With layers of black gauze, your spooky pointing game will be stronger than ever. The layers go all the way up your arms for a stand-out smokey look. The hood has a veil to make your face extra mysterious. And finally, your hands will have a boney appearance with printed white bones on the top. Reaping what you sowIf you’re a Halloween fan, there’s nothing better than dressing up in a classic costume. Dressing up as the Grim Reaper is as timeless as the guy’s profession. Finish this look up with a scythe and you’re sure to drum up plenty Halloween enthusiasm! What does that mean? Well, more treats of course!

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