80s Rock Star Boy Costume


He may not be old enough to remember the 80s, but he can look like an original grunge rocker in this 80s Rock Star Boy Costume!

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It is the worst and the best question to be asked when you’re a kid—or, heck, even as an adult. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they ask. Frankly, most of us still have a pretty big ‘when we grow up’ list. They say that it takes ten thousand hours of work and you can call yourself an expert in something. But, phew, who has the time to devote to all that time when there are so many amazing occupation choices out there. While the math geeks in the office rushed to figure out how many careers we can fit into our lives, the rest of us just started lists of our favorites.Topping the chart is, of course, the Rock Star… especially since so many of us grew up during the ‘80s, when rockers really knew how to create a style that no one would ever replicate in other decades. That perfect mix of glam and grunge, of punk and pomp. All we need is the perfect look—a solid rocker jacket, the right slacks or shorts, an epic guitar, of course. Musical talent helps, of course, but one needs to figure those careful details out as soon as possible.And we’ve got the perfect getup for your kiddo to start the epic voyage to stellar stardom with this ‘80s Rock Star costume. This black interlock knit tank has gray skulls throughout to call on that grungy glamour of the rocking decade. The cropped black mesh t-shirt gives the perfect look to go along with the black and white zebra print pants with elastic waist. Accent the look with a bright red bandanna and tie for leg or arm and a black felt belt with gleaming silver sequins. Pick up an accessory guitar or microphone and the music will be ready to roll!

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