Diva Headset with Microphone


Mic check one, two, mic check one, two! Add a bit of glam to your pop diva costume with this Diva Headset with Microphone. You’re going to need it before you greet your adoring fans.

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Only serious stars have such amazing headgear. Think about it, who would our favorite pop stars be without an amazing headset? They wouldn’t be able to move around on stage and dance to their hit tunes. Concerts as we know them now would be so much different. People would just be sitting in one place on stage – and who wants to spend a bunch of cash on watching that?Sing and dance like a pop star with this Diva Headset with Microphone. This fake headset accessory is the perfect complement to any number of our Halloween costumes, especially any pop star costume. Even though this headset is only for looks – it will be a great look!

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