Adult Richard Simmons Costume


Get ready to work out this Halloween! This Adult Richard Simmons Costume is a funny 80s-inspired Halloween costume that will have you feeling fit and fabulous!

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Work It!If you’re anything like the other thirty-somethings around here (maybe even a bit older!) you probably remember, fondly or otherwise, waking up on Saturday morning before the cartoons start and seeing a certain afro-haired gentleman with the enthusiasm of a thousand ecstatic cheerleaders working out to mom and dad’s music. His enthusiasm was unignorable and contagious. There was a party in your television and people all over the world were RSVPing! Here’s the thing, the party hasn’t stopped. Even if you weren’t kicking and sweating on the shag carpeting where you first saw this star, you can still participate in the fun!Design & DetailsLet’s get ready to sweat it out! Are you ready to get everyone else in shape? Not only will this costume give everyone some healthy nostalgia, but it will also inspire them to sweat it out! Your buns will thank you later. This offically licensed costume comes with everything you need to get fit! The red velour tank top has a sequin lettered “Sweat It Out” on the front and the red and white striped stretch terry cloth shorts have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. The costume is completed with the brown, curly wig that is on a mesh cap for comfort. This time you can sweat it out without any shame or fear because with the right dance moves, the right music, and this costume you’ll have the entire party excited to join right in with you!Sweating and Stylin’Maybe you were a follower as soon as you saw this guy work it. Perhaps you were like most of us and absolutely loved it. Well, you loved it until you realized that your mom recorded it and played it on a loop at your high school graduation party. Maybe, because of all that confidence Richard Simmons gave you, you were able to laugh it off. And now you’re here, sweatin’ it all out again. Now that’s what we call the workout video star magic!

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