50s Darling Girls Costume


Let your child experience the fashion of the 50’s in this exclusive 50s Darling Girls Costume. This costume features a red plaid shirt with red poodle skirt.

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Have you ever “doo whopped”? No? Well, let’s see, have you ever done The Commercial? How about the Lincoln Continental twist? Hmm, well that might be because “doo-whop” isn’t actually a dance, it just sounds like it’s from the fifties. If you find out what it actually is, please let us know. Oh, the last two? They aren’t dances either, one is a very greasy sandwich and the other is a luxury sedan. The good news? You can always make up a swing move and call it by either of those names, take your pick. Really, this is your chance to be an innovator! If you’re into swing then you probably weren’t fooled by our little intro there. Confused? Maybe. Fooled? Nope. If you were fooled than it’s about time you took a dip in the world of swing! It’s a pretty magical place full of brass bands, perky ponytails, and plenty of twirling. Why else would they give those poodle skirts so much volume? It was an era that took their dance moves seriously. Dance contests with teenaged contestants from across the country regularly aired on TV. One thing is for sure, whether that swing was danced on American Bandstand or at your local high school dance, the uniform for those swinging soirees wasn’t complete without a poodle skirt! This darling ensemble would be sweet on the dance floor or in that classic 50’s diner featuring a sweet checkered shirt with a peter pan color and a full poodle skirt with a tulle hem. Whether swinging the night away or sipping on shakes, this red ensemble will stand out from the baby blues and powder pinks of the era. Just be sure to learn a couple dance moves before getting out there, you don’t want to get tricked into doing the Albuquerque Caterwaul, that’s a real doozie!

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