Womens Blue 50’s Poodle Skirt Costume


Get ready for the sock hop in this women’s blue 50’s poodle skirt. This poodle skirt is made of 100% polyester fabrics and has an elastic waist with an attached ribbon and printed poodle design on the front.

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What a great time the 1950’s must have been! Ask most people who lived through that time and they’ll tell you about the weekly dances they attended. No wonder that generation seems to have some great moves. From sock hops in school gyms to hoe-downs in country barns, people sure knew how to have fun! The clothes of that time were made for swing dancing. This was an era when the poodle skirt came into fashion. This skirt was tea length with slight pleats and a full hem, which made it flair out when you were breaking out those foxtrot pivots. Of course, they had to make their outfits even cuter with the adorable poodle design that gave the skirt its namesake. You’ll be ready for to check out that 50’s style drive-in diner when you put on this cute number. Or, who knows, maybe you are lucky enough to be invited to an actual sock hop if so you’d better start working on your dance moves and do this adorable skirt justice!

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