Rock Legend Costume Wig


You can transform into the classic king of rock and roll this Halloween with this Rock Legend Costume Wig! This costume wig for adults includes attached sideburns.

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We know that you take care of your ‘do and give it the tender love that it needs to shine and shimmer when you’re either on the dance floor or singing sweet and low to your many fans. But, we also know the heartbreak that occurs when that Kentucky rain hits at just the wrong time and washes your styling out. But, we’re here for you.With the Rock Legend Costume wig, you won’t need to dream any longer for a styling and lasting hairdo. Black, slicked back, and ready to rock, these synthetic fibers won’t let you down while you are shaking your hips—and you won’t even need a single spritz of hairspray! You won’t be able to help falling in love with this fantastic wig, even if some of your fans may develop suspicions minds about how you’ve managed to keep this perfect style all night. (Don’t worry, we’ll keep it on the mystery train.)