Women’s Teal Butterfly Poncho


Get ready to spread your beautiful butterfly wings when you wear this Women’s Teal Butterfly Poncho. This Women’s Teal Butterfly Poncho features a teal and black colored butterfly winged pattern that will have you looking radiant!

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Ch-ch-ch-changesYou’ve undergone something of a transformation lately. No longer are you a negative Nancy, a naysayer of ideas.  The friend who is “too busy” to help your BFF move has been replaced with the gal who shows up and lends a hand (and brings pizza, too!). And even your whole look has evolved. You’re glowing! Doesn’t positivity pay off in the end? Heck, you’ll even sing at karaoke night now—that’s how much you’ve changed.How about embracing your metamorphosis this Halloween with this Women’s Teal Butterfly Poncho? It’s a chic piece that shows off how stylish and stunning you are, and it can make for a totally ethereal costume when paired with an antennae headband and some face paint. Of course, if you want to just drape on this top and wear it around town all year round, well, we wouldn’t blame you. You’ve spent a long time working on your big changes, and it’s totally OK to want to show them off! Product DetailsThis gorgeous poncho is part fashion statement, part costume. It’s a pretty cut with drapey sleeves and a jagged-edge hem. The print is a beautiful teal blue butterfly pattern, and it covers the poncho front and back. Get ready to take flight! 

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