Women’s Steampunk Shoulder Harness w/attached Corset


Whether you are attending a party on an airship or land, this Women’s Steampunk Shoulder Harness w/attached Corset will be a beautiful addition to any steampunk cosplay outfit!

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Vintage, Versatile, and VivaciousThe streets in a steampunk world are beautiful, unique, and occasionally dangerous. There are springs, and sprockets flinging all over the place doing … well, we’re not sure exactly what they are doing, but all of this stuff looks really important so don’t touch it! And while all of these gadgets and gizmos look astoundingly cool, you might want to get a little protection to navigate these strange and wondrous times. You could fashion some armor out of garbage can lids and copper wire, or you could get the Women’s Steampunk Shoulder Harness with an attached Corset. This armor is just what you need to safely stroll through this steampunk realm without a scratch, while looking great at the same time.Product DetailsSometimes you need to combine a little rough and tumble armor with your steampunk style. The shoulder harness is tough yet dainty, while the chest plate and armor are decorated in a Victorian fashion. Buckles on the corset allow for some adjustments. Not only will you be dressed to impress you other steampunk enthusiasts, but you’re also ready for battle!Be an Ace-High BourStart your next adventure with the Women’s Steampunk Shoulder Harness and Corset. You’ll “take the egg” in any Halloween costume contest. Not to mention, you’ll have all the “coves” calling you an “ace-high bour!”

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