Women’s Plus Size Officer Pat U. Down Costume


Stop! You are under arrest if you do not get this Women’s Plus Size Officer Pat U. Down Costume. This super cute costume will leave everyone totally speechless.

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Undercover OperationWhen you were told that you would be going undercover, you knew in your heart that you had finally made it to your dream job. You had been waiting all your life for this opportunity, and now it was time to bring all the skills that you have been working on for years and years to the fore.So, when you got the call four days later that you were fired for not showing up to work, you were understandably surprised. You had spent four days in bed, with a few small breaks, but you had been under the covers almost the whole time! Sometimes life can be really unfair.Product DetailsIf you are looking to go undercover as a police officer, then this Women’s Plus Size Officer Patty Down Costume is the perfect disguise. The costume includes a dress, hat, belt, nameplate, fingerless gloves, and two badges, which are more than enough to complete your transformation into a classic police officer. The flattering dress is a beautiful shade of blue, while the vintage style hat and adjustable belt give you plenty of that police style. When you wear this uniform, we promise that you will feel as great as you look!Not Just For Day-putiesWhether you want to work during the day or at night, this costume is all you need to transform yourself for the role. Just watch out for anyone who looks as criminally great as you while you are out and about in this cool costume!

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