Alien Mask and Hands Kit


Give an outer space type of scare when you wear this Alien Mask & Hands Costume Accessory Kit. This costume kit will perfectly finish off your alien inspired look.

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Interplanetary IdeasWhen people say you look “out of this world” it means that you look really great or impressive. And that’s totally cool, but sometimes you might want the phrase to describe you more literally. There’s always something fun yet a little eerie about dressing up as an extraterrestrial. The possibilities are endless, since we don’t really know what they might look like or what kind of clothes they might wear. (If you’re an alien reading this, please contact us! We really want to make an authentic costume and we need some details.) So perhaps you’ve already picked out your spacesuit, jumpsuit, or whatever creative idea for alien fashion you’ve come up with, but you still find yourself looking way too human. That’s where we come in!Product DetailsIf you have a literal “out of this world” outfit planned and you just need a finishing touch, try this Alien Hands and Mask Costume Accessory Kit! Once you have it on, no one will mistake you for a human. The gloves will fit most people, and the plastic eyes in the mask will allow you limited vision—so we wouldn’t recommend piloting a spaceship while wearing it! Regardless, we know you’ll have a great “visit” to Earth.

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