Colonial Wig for Men


Do the crown proud when you go in this Mens Colonial Wig. You will always pledge allegiance to the Queen and you’ll never go off on your own!

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I do say, you look dapper today! Sir, what wig powder do you use? Your hair has the perfect colonial shape.Men in the time of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington, where probably too busy to spend much time on their hair. That is why wigs were so popular in 1776. Whether you are dressing as a independent or a torrey this wig is the perfect time period piece. The Mens Colonial Wig is perfect for a judge, or soldier costume. This white wig has an interior mesh net for comfort. The back has a curly ponytail, with large curls on the sides. Just add wood teeth, or for a creepier costume vampire teeth! Get down with colonial fashion, and rock the party like it’s 1776!

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