Uncle Sam Protective Face Fabric Covering Mask


Add a little piece of the USA to your costume with the Uncle Sam Protective Fabric Face Covering Mask. Complete with contoured nose and chin cups, to perfectly form to your face for whatever your needs!

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Make Uncle Sam ProudUncle Sam loves it when American citizens do little things to help keep each other safe! But we bet that if he were around right now and needed a face mask, he’d choose something with a bit of patriotic razzle-dazzle. You know, something with a little red, white, and blue flair! We think he’d choose something like this Uncle Sam Protective Fabric Face Covering Mask!Product DetailsInspired by the iconic American Flag, this simple face mask has plenty of features that will help you keep safe and patriotic at the same time. The fabric is made out of a spandex blend material, which means that it stretches for fitting. It also features a flexible nose piece with a contoured edge for comfort. Pair that with the chin cups and the adjustable straps and you’ll be ready to head out in red, white, and blue style in an instant. Of course, this mask isn’t intended for use as a surgical mask or a medical respirator, but it will help reduce the chance of spreading germs and disease while wearing it. If you’re planning on wearing a 4th of July costume, this is the perfect mask to wear along with it!

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