Killer Twin Girls Prop


Whatever you do, don’t get caught in a hotel hallway with the Killer Twin Girls Halloween Prop! You could be inviting the girls to haunt you for all of eternity. Yikes!

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Double-Up with EvilThe evil twin. It’s a common trope. One of the pair of siblings is the gentle-hearted soul who is a practical princess, singing to birds and spreading smiles around the world. Then… there’s the other one. Their dead stare reveals the soul of a psychopath. They’re always just a little too interested in hearing about how bad it hurt when you stubbed your toe and you could swear they cracked a wicked grin when you were telling the tale! In fact, you begin to wonder if they had something to do with why that table was so weirdly placed in the break room. But here’s the thing. You’ve always just assumed that there was one evil twin. What if they both had murderous intent!?Design & Details We know having even one killer twin in the house is spooky. That’s why you’re going to love this Killer Twin Girls Halloween decoration. This standing decoration is a Made By Us exclusive that lets you bring one of the classic Halloween horror tropes to life! These twin girls are in adorable blue nightgowns with shiny ribbons. They’re holding hands just like innocent kiddos always do! Just try not to pay too much attention to their glowing eyes or their posable arms with knives in their hands! (Try to guess which one is the more evil twin.) 

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