Toe Tappin’ Flapper Girls Costume


Your little girl is going to love this swanky 1920’s look! This exclusive Toe Tappin’ Flapper Girls Costume is sure to make her want to learn the Charleston. This costume features a black lace top with a burgundy velvet skirt for a cool vintage look.

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You’ve got a curious kid. She is always wanting to know about different cultures, places, and times. She’s always taking on the fashions of different eras. It wasn’t long ago that she was in love with the 1980’s. You’re not quite sure how it happened, maybe it was when she got into your John Hughes collection. After that, it was giant glasses, fake pearls, and oversized sweatshirts. You had to draw the line when she asked to get a perm. That was a while ago though, your time traveling kiddo has moved on to even older and better times. Your little one is quite a class act with her new flapper phase. Lucky for you, she’s still using that string of pearls from her eighties fad but everything else has changed. For one, instead of playing the hits of the eighties your little girl is getting a taste for jazz. You don’t mind listening to the wailing of a trumpet rather than, “Don’t You Forget About Me” for the hundredth time. You have to admit, your little girl is getting pretty darn good at the Charleston, maybe it’s about time she got a real flapper outfit. Whether she’s showing off her flapper moves for the school talent show or she’s taking her retro-themed wardrobe to the streets for Halloween, this tank dress with its asymmetrical skirt and black lace overlay top will make your classy kid feel like she’s part of the roaring twenties. She’ll even get a headband to offset her sharp bob. Pair this piece with long gloves and a string of pearls and she’ll be ready to show off her jazzy new dancing skills. Who knows, with an era this cool maybe she’ll be a flapper for life.

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