Toddler Hollywood Star Dress Costume


She is going to become one of the biggest stars in history when she goes in our Toddler Hollywood Star Dress!

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Is your toddler always turning the channel to TCM instead of Saturday morning cartoons? Do they like putting on make-up and shoes instead of playing with dolls? Do they soulfully preform songs with fake microphones and little dance numbers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your little toddler may be a little star-struck. Sounds like they’re more into Hollywood than dollies.Well it’s not a bad thing. Your toddler will probably grow up to have excellent taste in clothing and a natural affinity for picking out cute accessories and hair styles. They may follow their dream and end up a glamorous star! Or they could grow out of it by next week (hard to tell with these toddlers). Either way, at least they’re having fun playing at being a big star for now.And since they’re into leading ladies right now, why not let them have fun with it? We recommend this Toddler Hollywood Star Dress for your little one, so they can pretend to be one of the most popular actresses Hollywood ever had. It’s a small white dress with v-neck and accordion-pleated skirt. It’d look even better with a head full of blonde curls, but those aren’t necessary to get the starlet effect. We can’t say your little one would really become a famous star someday, but there’s no harm in at least looking the part!

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