Toddler Happy Christmas Elf Costume


Giving gifts and baking cookies… all will be way more fun when they go in this Toddler Happy Christmas Elf Costume!

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You know those moments when you bring your kiddo into the mall to visit Santa and they just light up? It takes everything just to keep them from rushing up and busting through those gold-tinted or candy-cane gates and plowing through the cotton snow just to get right up there. They sometimes dodge through the line, skipping over other kids and parents who are waiting for their turn to greet Old Saint Nick… and then your kiddo is spending more time chatting up the elves than Santa?Well, we’ve seen it a few times. It seems that, once in a while, a tyke is born with a pretty intensely elfish soul. They like to dress up in goofy colors. They might enjoy drawing on everything. Probably a bit inventive as well, building up all sorts of weird things out of randomly acquired materials throughout the house… even if they occasionally need to dismantle things to get to it.Well, we’ve got some news for you. That Elfish soul might be particularly active and that is going to present you with an interesting challenge, especially around the holiday seasons. We do have a somewhat risky tactic you can try to keep that Elf to tone it down a bit. That is with this Toddler Happy Christmas Elf costume. The bright green flannel shirt and pant combo sips up he back and comes with a jester styled collar of bright red. The faux leather belt has a flashy slide buckle and the candy-cane socks and sleeves are a perfect match to the curly toed boot covers. Your tyke will be full blown Christmas Elf in no time and, who knows, might even bring in a Christmas bonus from the big guy!

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