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Take your little one to a time before man when you dress them up in this Toddler T-Rex Costume. They will roam the land and be the tinniest king of the food chain.

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For the Dino LoverSome kids are train kids. Some kids are truck kids. Some kids are robot kids. And then there are the dino kids. These tots have amassed a near-encyclopedic knowledge of all things paleolithic and can name dozens of dinosaurs by their scientific names, as well as what they ate, how they moved around and hunted, and where they lived. If your kid is a dino kid, then…cool! What’s not to love about dinosaurs? But the thing is, while truck kids can ride in real trucks and train kids can see real trains go down the tracks, dino kids seldom get the opportunities to encounter realistic specimens in the wild. That is, until your child goes trick or treating in this Toddler Realistic T-Rex Costume! No cartoon rendition here — this T-Rex is lifelike and ready to show the world just how cool dinosaurs really are. Trust us, it’ll make your little dino fan’s heart burst with joy.Design & DetailsCrafted with care to look just like a real T-Rex, this exclusive costume comes directly from our in-house design team. The full illusion of this look is in the details — realistic scales, scarring, and shading adorn the zip-up gray jumpsuit, while an attached tail, claw-topped shoe covers, and attached mitts make your child’s human features practically disappear. The headpiece replicates the ferocity of a T-Rex, with space for your child to see out of the monster’s toothy mouth. Introducing the Chocovore Of course, real T-Rex’s were carnivores, as your kiddo knows. But Halloween is a time for fun and imagination, so it’s OK to let them bend the rules a little and enjoy some of that hard-earned candy and chocolate. 

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