Luscious Ladybug Costume for Women


Looking for something a little different for your next costume themed event? We think you will love our exclusive Women’s Luscious Ladybug Costume! This costume features a full length jumpsuit with a zippered front with red stripes on the sides and black

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Garden GuardianThe veggie garden has been suffering for weeks. The cabbage leaves are full of holes. The bean vines are almost chomped beyond repair. And, boy, the tomatoes are really going through it. It’s time. We need to call in reinforcements. The leaf gobbling aphids in the garden better get ready. We’re bringing in the ladybugs! Fashionable beetle assassins eat up to 25 aphids a day while a teen ladybug might eat up to 250 aphids… talk about a growing appetite. Calling in the ladybugs will make sure this veggie garden is recovering from the aphid attack by the end of the week. Looks like heroes come in all shapes and sizes!Design & DetailsThis fabulous ladybug costume will make you into a garden hero. Made By Us, the unique spotted jumpsuit was designed by our in-house creative team. It zips up the black panel in the front for a sleek fit. The clear spotted wings strap around your shoulders, flaunting big polka dots on the clear plastic surface. This bright look is topped off with a playful bug antennae headband to make your ladybug look complete!In the GreenThis ladybug costume will be a hit for all sorts of events from family-friendly nature-themed events to a good ol’ Halloween party with friends! Just keep in mind that any aphids might feel a little uncomfortable in your presence but you can always assure them that you’ve already had your twenty-five aphids that day. Still, the love of gardeners and flowers alike are more likely to welcome you to any party. Loving this look but don’t want to go it alone? Consider pairing up with other garden-friendly bugs such as the Monarch Butterfly and a Bumble Bee and you’ll be ready to spread your green brand of love to the world! 

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