Three Curl Munchkin Wig


This Three Curl Munchkin Wig is perfect for kids or adults and is a much needed accessory for your costume.

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Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead!Yes, it’s true! That’s the good news coming in from the land of Oz, anyway! So, dress your best to impress your Munchkin mates and any gingham clad gals you might meet while celebrating on the Yellow Brick Road. You just need to throw on this Three Curl Munchkin Wig and sing, dance and greet everyone with spectacular style unseen in Munchkinland since the quiet ages.Costume DetailsThis Three Curl Munchkin Wig is a much-needed accessory to add the perfect finishing touch to your costume. The wig has red faux hair that’s attached to a light-colored skin skull cap. The red locks are done up in the quintessential curled style of a proper member of Munchkinland. The wig fits both adults and kids, so you can get a whole group of people together to dress up for Halloween as a Munchkin contingent or family.Enter Lollipop GuildAre you ready to take on the welcoming duties for all Oz new-comers? This wig will take you one step closer! Now all you need is a choreographed dance and a catchy song. Slip this Munchkin wig on your noggin and all of a sudden you’ll be transported to that strange land on the other side of the rainbow!

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