Adult Tin Woodsman Costume


Help Dorothy find her way home and you find a heart in the Adult Tin Woodsman Costume.Just remember to follow the yellow brick road and avoid flying monkeys!

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Tin Foil HatSo, you want to stop aliens from reading your thoughts? The tinfoil hat is a classic for a reason. It stopped extra-terrestrial lookie-loos from peering into our brains for a decade or so. After a while, the smart space travelers learned that they could simply send electrodes up through different parts of our bodies. Now, conspiracy theorists have been mulling over this for a while now. That is until someone revisited The Wizard of Oz for a bit of distraction. When they saw what the actor who played The Tin Man was wearing, they knew they had to have an outfit like that! A body covered in tin would forever be an enigma to pesky aliens! So, whether you’re trying to confuse intergalactic visitors or simply want to dress up as the love-seeking Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, this costume is the choice for you!Fun Details & DesignThis Tin Man costume is much more soft and breathable than a costume made of tin foil. This Made by Us Wizard of Oz costume was designed by our in-house creative team. The shirt has panels over the sleeves and pants to create a segmented style look. Boot covers will hide any shoes you’re wearing while a tiny bowtie adds a dashing touch to your Tin Man ensemble. The whole look is topped off with a funnel-shaped hat and an attached fitted hood that frames your face. Metal-PhysicsWalking around in stiff metal panels is a lot of work. Instead, this Made by Us costume can keep you comfortable and moving with ease. Don’t forget to top off your look with all the Tin Man accessories such as a woodsman Axe, chin accessory, and oil can! And while you’re waiting for your Tin Man, do yourself a favor and practice that famous Tin Man dance. Now, that’ll really befuddle those aliens!

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