Stranger Things Kid’s Dustin Costume Kit


Thing in Hawkins aren’t always as they seem. But nothing will be able to slip past you while you’re wear this Stranger Things Kid’s Dustin Costume Kit to your next high school event, right?

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Part of the PartyIf you ask us, it always feels great to be one of the gang! Although there are some hobbies that we enjoy by ourselves, most are more fun with friends. And while we hope your child has a group of friends that are as brave and true as the kids from Stranger Things, we also hope their adventures are much tamer! Mythical monsters are great for pretend play, but we really hope that they stay firmly in fantasy and out of our reality. So, if your kiddo needs to go on an amazing fantasy quest with their friends, they’ll need just the right outfit. We think dressing like an expert is always a good idea for defeating monsters. And if anyone knows about completing epic expeditions, it’s Dustin Henderson!Product DetailsYour child is sure to look like part of the party with this Kid’s Dustin Costume Kit! It’s styled like his ensemble in the fourth season of the hit Netflix show. Start the outfit with your kiddo’s favorite pair of shoes and their own comfy pants. The costume makes achieving Dustin’s look easy with a one-piece top that combines his iconic Hellfire club tee and graphic shirt. The front features the club’s logo and says “Hellfire Club” across the top. Dustin’s awesome Thinking Cap is also included to top things off.Never Enough NerdsWhen your child is dressed up as Dustin Henderson, they’ll have plenty of friends to help them on their adventures. Complete your own party with our selection of Stranger Things costumes for kids and adults! Whether your kiddo wants to hang out at the video store with Steve and Robin or play D&D with Lucas, Mike, and Eddie, we have an outfit for everyone!

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