Silver Sweetheart Princess Tiara 1.5″


Become a princess with the Silver Sweetheart Princess Tiara 1.5″. Featuring a small metal tiara with 9 gems decorating the tiara.

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A Symbol for Sore EyesAh, the crown: the universally recognized symbol for all types of rulers. Good, bad, benevolent, or malevolent, it’s one of those personified under the sparkly piece adorning one’s head. And it’s a whole lot of power under it, too. Power of some kind. Social, political, even mystical! The specifics differ by time and place and context, but most important is the human wearing it. Say we gave you a tiara of your own. What would you do with such and awesome and powerful responsibility? Would you be an accountable, compassionate representative of the people? Or would you be a cold and calculating tyrant? Product DetailsThe choice is yours, of course, but when you snag this beautiful Silver Sweetheart Princess Tiara, the look might sway you toward the kind and compassionate side. This particular tiara is made of metal and fits most noggins, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping around this way and that while you’re trying to make important decisions for the kingdom! There are also plastic combs attached to the headpiece to help you keep it in place. Make sure you pair it with the best dress around to really nail the look!

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