Pudgy Pig Adult Mask


Anybody care for a romp in the mud? This Pudgy Pig Adult Mask will give you a silly cartoon pig look.

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You thought your friends were crazy when they told you that they wanted to dress up as the Three Little Pigs this Halloween. You were like, “Dudes, that’s such a weird costume.” And they were like, “But dude, no one else will be dressed as the Three Little Pigs, and Amy is going as Red Riding Hood, you would totally have something in common with her.” You were like, “Yeah? What?” They wore dumbfounded looks, “Duh, you will both be fighting the Big Bad Wolf.”And that is how you ended up spending your Saturday looking for a little piggy mask. So far you’ve found scary looking ones. And one memorable skewered pig with an apple in its mouth. They weren’t the kinds of things that Amy would be into. Then you found this sweet looking Pudgy Pig Adult Mask. And you knew you had found the one. Amy would be attracted to the large innocent eyes, and you could help her stay away from the Big Bad Wolf. Hopefully by taking her to your house made of brick!

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