Plus Size Wizard Costume for Men


This wizard doesn’t need pixie dust, all he needs is his wand! This Men’s Plus Size Wizard Costume is a fun magician inspired costume to wear for Halloween!

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There’s not enough magic in the world. That’s simply a troubling but true fact. Dragons have all gone well into hiding, especially after the whole Middle Age debacle where folks were misunderstanding the Maiden Feast. The maidens were there for dinner… not because they were dinner! They’re all off on a couple centuries worth of hibernation, pouting over the offending knights that came in, accusing them of horrendous deeds and ruining shining scale patterns that took forever to perfect. That’s why we can’t have nice things, knights!Without dragons to fuel the magical energies, we have to turn to the wizards to get things moving and see if we cannot get the rest of the magical creatures to creep back into activity. Now, we understand that the life of a wizard is very busy and it is a rather insolent request to have you come out of your towers and put away your books and spell research material… but this is for the good of the whole magical world! So, we assume that you’re at full practice with your lightning bolt spell, the polymorph and various other transfigurations. (We’re still hoping that you can finish up the ‘find your car keys’ spell as that would really help a few of us in the office.) But, in the mean time, we just need to ask you to step out and give the world a bit more visibility in the way that only you can provide.So, we have put together this most exquisite Plus Size Wizard costume and we know that it is going to be literally magical on you. The gray tunic and purple robes with bell sleeves make up the bulk of your wizard regalia, dropping down to the floor with black and white arcane trim all along its collar and edges. The arcane script is sure to protect you versus any other magic defilers, but the conical hat is also enchanted to… er… well, we guess that just looks enchanting, but we have no doubt that you can whip up a few arcane blessings on it yourself. Accessorize yourself with your choice of wand or staff and we’ll all be in the magic business in no time!

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