Plus Size Cosmonaut Alien Costume


Transform into a green extra terrestrial this Halloween with our exclusive Plus Size Cosmonaut Alien Costume! This stylish Halloween costume is perfect for aspiring space explorers.

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Alien InvasionExtraterrestrials have touched down! It would be a momentous occasion….if anyone had spotted their arrival. The aliens were sneaky in their landing, however. As soon as they arrived in their flying saucer, they concealed themselves in a location that few would suspect: Their local arcade. Unfortunately, their clever disguise backfired. Kids thought they were toys and loved to use the crane machine to win them as prizes. Now the invading force is a lot smaller! Oh well. Divide and conquer, right? Product Details Conquer the Earth in the name of Mars one vending machine at a time when you wear this exclusive Cosmonaut Alien Plus Size Costume for Women! The outfit is made of sturdy polyester, nylon and spandex materials able to withstand the heat of reentry (we assume – we’ve never tested this, so proceed with caution). The long-sleeved green mesh bodysuit has snaps at the crotch and looks fabulous under the iridescent white jacket. A sewn-in patch on the jacket’s front depicts a three-eyed green alien. The full-length iridescent patns match the jacket and have elastic sewn into the waistband and cuffs. Green wrist-length gloves give you the perfect Martian look. Add on the included velour-covered plastic headpiece with its three faux eyes on wire stalks. You can bend and pose the stalks as desired! Unusual AlliesAfter spending time with these strange human creatures, you no longer want to conquer them, but it would be fun to play with them! Maybe these toy characters can help you in your new mission! 

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