Light Up Green Alien Mask


Show your friends and neighbors that you come in peace with this Light Up Green Alien Mask! This mask is the perfect accessory for any sci-fi fans this Halloween.

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Party in PeaceIt is the worst when you show up on a new planet and all the locals freak out because you have such a famous face. Like, you just want to have a couple space beers and meet some new people, but everyone always wants your autograph or to take a holo-picture with you. It’s cool sometimes, and you hate disappointing fans, but sometimes, you just want to chill.Well, this Light Up Green Alien Mask is the perfect thing for you! With this, you can cover up your incredibly famous face with a more non-descript one that no one will look at twice! Feel what it would be like if you weren’t famous when you wear this out on the town. You won’t have to worry about the local yokels on any planet recognizing you if you show up in this. Just be careful not to say “Take me to your leader”, that never ends well.Out of this WorldOn the off chance that you may not have a normal face that is even close to this mask, you can also use it to look extremely different from your fellow beings. This hooded light up mask will certainly draw some attention at Earthling parties, even though you still won’t be the most extra (terrestrial) person there!

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