Plus Size Auntie Costume for Women


When you wear this Plus Size Auntie Costume, you’ll be the beloved caretaker that makes everyone long for home! Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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Drawing the StorylineNo doubt you have heard the legends of the girl who flew over the rainbow and found her way deep into the magical land of Oz where grand adventures, witch killing, flower smelling, and friend-making were occurring in a matter of minutes.  We all know the look of those ruby slippers, the golden bubble that held Glinda, and the green skin and flying broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West.  We might even remember the face of the Emerald Lord, the Wizard… and we’re talking the real face, not the giant one that floated in front of the curtain!But, just because you know that story doesn’t mean that you know the whole tale!  After all, Dorothy left behind a number of people for a long while.  It isn’t like all her family just sat there quietly and patiently waiting for her return.  Sure, you’re thinking, ’But, that was all a dream!’  But, the real trick of the ruby slippers was sending the lass back in time to before she even left!  The real story shows her family pushing through the tornado valley on the hunt for their darling gal!Details & DesignSo, it is time for Auntie Em to finally get her day in the sun and you can give it to her with this Auntie costume.  The beige dress and wig might not be the most extravagant of looks but, then again, neither was the pre-Oz Kansas! Then again, it was Made by Us so you know you’ll get plenty of wear out of it. Ending with a TwistA calico dress, an apron, a bonnet. What’s more “auntie-esque” than this image? Accessorize further with the right square rim glasses or high heel witch boots and… wait… witch boots!?  Are we missing something here!?

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