Paw Patrol Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume


Your child will feel just like Chase zooming around in his Paw Patrol Police Cruiser when you get them this Paw Patrol Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume. Features Chase’s Police Car that adapts to fit over a wheelchair.

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Paw Patrol to the Rescue!Oh no! A double-decker bus has lost its parking brake and is rolling downhill with 30 kids inside? What to do? Call Paw Patrol, of course! Their team of awesome animals always saves the day! The first pup we usually call is Chase, but he’s busy on the other side of town helping an old lady rescue her kitten from a maple tree for the 165th time this year. That’s ok, because the new recruit is on the job! An honorary member of the Paw Patrol crew, she’s brave and true and worthy of her own special police cruiser! She’ll chase down that bus and throw stop sticks in its way so that everyone on board will stay safe and sound. Product DetailsYour child will love pretending to be a fabulous rescue worker in this officially licensed Paw Patrol Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume! The wheelchair cover looks just like Chase’s trusty blue and white police cruiser, right down to the windshield and Paw Patrol decals. The stiff felt sides are supported by plastic rods for extra stability and attach securely to the chair with hook & loop fastener strips. Siren sound effects are supplied by your child. To the Paw Patroller! No matter what the challenge, the Paw Patrol friends are more than capable of overcoming it! Thanks to her resourcefulness, bravery, and kindness, your child is more than qualified to be their newest recruit. No job is too big, no pup or child is too small to make a difference in the world!  

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