Neon Pink Footless Tights


There’s no time like the present to vibe out to your favorite eighties hits! Get ‘Footloose’ in a pair of Neon Pink Footless Tights! They’re a totally terrific way to celebrate the era of big hair, colorful clothing and of course Kevin Bacon!

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Trying to create the perfect 80’s costume for Halloween this year? Well, your costume can’t be complete without a pair of Neon Pink Footless Tights! Just check out the vibrant shade of pink used for these tights! They are, like, so bright that you’ll catch the attention of aliens cruising by Earth in their UFOs. These footless tights are totally tubular! Throw them on with a radical petticoat and a colorful crop top, and you’ll be ready to do the Electric Slide all across the dance floor!Make sure that you have a banging hairstyle and you’ll be the most righteous chica in the party. Everyone is going to have to take a chill pill when you enter the scene! So if you’re ready to get the party started and bring all of your friends back to the 80’s, grab these Neon Pink Footless Tights to complete your fantabulous costume! You’ll be the most happen’en girl this Halloween, without a doubt!

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