Neon Fishnet Fingerless Gloves


Check it. We’re going to tell you how to look so totally. orange mesh top over black bra + leather leggins+ Neon Fishnet Fingerless Gloves = TOTALLY RADICAL! For real, you’ll look so awesome!

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Like, Totally!So, we can all accept that the 80s were, unquestionably, the best decade that we’ve ever had. But, it had its … questionable qualities. Perhaps the most annoying part of the 80s was “Valley Speak.” But, at the same time, it was, like, serious fun. No, Duh! Our parents hated when we talked like that.Now we can understand because the new generation has started to pick it up, too. Our folks did warn us that we would get our comeuppance. But, we were young and just responded with, “Like… whatev. I’m so sure!” We do have a way to curb that Valley out and, naturally, in the best way possible.Product DetailsTime to beat the next Gen at their own game by bringing back the Valley! You had the language down and it’s time to bring back the style, too. These Neon Fishnet Fingerless Gloves will put the snap right back in your vocal stylings. The mesh nylon is comfy and the brilliant colors are, dare we say, tubular. Maybe even to the max. …Totally Radical!Give these Neon 80s Gloves a try and, trust us, the new wave Valley girl craze will be over. And, the best part, you can secretly relive your own Valley days without judgment. (Well, without too much judgment.) 

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