Wizard of Oz Glinda Girls Costume


Transform your little one into the good witch of the south with the Wizard of Oz Glinda Girls Costume.

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Which Witch? The Land of Oz is an incredible, magical place, full of wonders like talking scarecrows and flying monkeys! It also has an unusually high number of witches. With so many enchantress types wandering around, when you spot one it’s best to observe her carefully before you try to say howdy. For example: Is she wearing a tall, black, pointed hat? Does she have green skin and a hooked nose? Is she screaming at you about how your house landed on her sister and she’s going to get you and your little dog too? She’s probably a bad witch! But if she arrives in a glowing bubble, holding a starry wand, and is beloved of all who spot her, she’s better than any old good witch – she’s Glinda! Product DetailsRule over the Quadlings, visit the Munchkins, and help Dorothy get home safely in this beautiful, exclusive Girls Wizard of Oz Glinda Costume! The soft pink gown has lovely, gauzy sleeves decorated with puffs, a shiny bodice with a white plastic attached to the center of the neckline, and a floaty, ankle-length skirt. A sheer tulle layer embellished with a sparkly golden pattern lies atop a poufy underlayer that’s perfect for twirling. Accent butterflies on the waist and collar add an extra touch of magic. The matching tall crown is bedecked with jewels. There’s No Place Like HomeDorothy might have been anxious to get home to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry, but Glinda definitely belongs in Oz, floating around and making everyone happy. This year, dress as everyone’s favorite enchantress – a costume this pretty is its own kind of magic! 

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