Monsters Inc Adult Sulley Inflatable Costume


Put that thing back where it came from or so help me! Be a scary monster at your Halloween party in the Monsters Inc. Adult Sulley Inflatable Costume.

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One Tall MonsterDid you know that Sulley is almost 7 feet, 6 inches tall? Yep, it can be kind of hard to tell just by watching the movie, but we have it from pretty reliable sources that he’s that tall. He’s pro basketball player height. (We could totally see him dunking.) Well, we have plenty of costumes that capture Sulley’s ultra-furry nature, but none that actually help present his large and in-charge stature! It’s one of his defining physical traits. Of course, that’s nothing that an inflatable costume can’t cure!Ever since the ol’ inflatable dinosaur costumes exploded in popularity, we’ve been trying out plenty of other great inflatables, and Sulley provided the perfect opportunity to showcase what a good inflatable costume can do! This Monsters Inc. Sulley Inflatable Costume will help you transform into the extremely tall and stout character from the classic Disney Pixar film, so you’ll be ready to scare (or maybe cheer up) any child, just like in the movie.Product DetailsThis adult Sulley costume is officially licensed from Monsters Inc.! The costume comes with a bright turquoise jumpsuit that has printed fur and purple spots on the exterior. The head has Sulley’s smiling face printed right on the front. The suit itself is airtight to allow for inflation. The costume also comes with an attached fan, which is connected to a battery pack. Simply flip the switch and the costume will inflate in just a few minutes.Bring Mike with YouIf you want to be the largest monster in the corporation, then it might just be time for you to suit up in this Sulley Monsters Inc. costume. You’ll have the large and in-charge look that the big blue monster is known for. We recommend pairing up with one of our Mike costumes to complete the iconic duo!

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