Men’s Vincent Van Gogh Costume


Transform into a work of art and its iconic artist this Halloween with our exclusive Men’s Vincent Van Gogh Costume! This Halloween costume is perfect for fans of this historical artist.

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Gogh Out in StyleThis Halloween you can become a work of art, a renowned artist, and a misunderstood genius all in one. No, it is no longer just a delusion of grandeur. It is completely possible with the help of our very own Van Gogh Costume! Transform yourself into this now beloved post-impressionist painter and your Halloween celebrations will be much more than just another starry night. This vibrant and expressive guise will make you one of the most influential figures in the history of costume parties.Design & DetailEach piece of this costume is a work of art in itself. Once you put it all together you become an astounding masterpiece.Your artistic transformation will begin with a jacket. It will seem to be painted upon your person with expressive brush strokes. The jacket is colored with mostly blues accented with orange. It also has blends of the two and hints of white to make it bright and dim in all the right places. When you add the vibrant shirt-front along with the necktie to the outfit, they are perfectly accentuated by the much darker jacket. Finally, top this costume off with the hat that holds a mixture of the colors from the other parts of the costume.Why stop there? Take a look at our accessories and grab some face paint as well as a red beard if you can’t grow your own. The fancy frame is also not included but it would make a wonderful addition to your transformation!We Can Picture it NowThough he was never recognized during his lifetime, Vincent had accomplished so much in such a short-lived career. So imagine everything you can do in just one night dressed as this famous painter. From starting an artistic movement on the dance floor to being recognized as a masterpiece in the costume contest. All this fun and more will be yours to have when you become a self-portrait of the illustrious Van Gogh.

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