Men’s Heavenly Angel Costume


Look as if you just descended from Heaven in our Men’s Heavenly Angel Costume. You will be a wonderful sight in white, looking truly angelic in this costume.

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A Good InfluenceAre you always there with words of wisdom when your friends are about to take things off the tracks? Do you think you would look pretty great sitting on a fluffy cloud, plucking at a golden harp? If spreading joy and love comes naturally to you, then maybe you would be a great recruit for our angel campaign. That’s right! We’re looking for people to appear with messages of comfort and joy, just like in the testaments! Only now, we humans need modern messages. You could show up on public transportation and encourage the passengers to stop scrolling lest their thumbs are struck from their hands. Or place your hand on the shoulder of a grandmother to show her the difference between a search bar and a status update. The opportunities for a modern angel are endless these days! Now that you have the inspiration, all you need is the right outfit that’ll give you the authority to put your angelic ideas into action.Design & DetailsThis Made By Us angel costume was designed by our in-house creative team. The featured robe is cinched at the waist with a gold rope belt. A lightweight semi-sheer scarf is layered over the top of your shoulders for any extra-biblical touch. The wings are printed with golden feathers, strapping onto your shoulders with elastic bands. A golden halo tops off this whole look to make sure your heavenly presence is recognized as soon as you enter the room.Well, Halo There!You might find that your attitude brightens as soon as you step into this heavenly attire! To put people at ease in your holy presence, consider playing current top-forty songs on a harp (sold separately) to show that you still have cool factor. Now all you need is figure out how to get ahold of your own cloud to travel on!

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