Men’s Gold and Green Leprechaun Costume


Watch your luck change when you wear this Men’s Gold and Green Leprechaun Costume! This exclusive costume includes the hat, bow tie, jacket, and vest front!

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The Right Kind of ReputationDo you have a reputation? Do you want one? We can’t think of a creature with a better reputation than the leprechaun. He’s rich, likes to play tricks, and lives underneath a rainbow. Other mystical characters have built their stories around drowning sailors or predicting the downfall of whole houses. We’d take a leprechaun over a banshee any day! While Saint Patrick’s Day is the Leprechaun’s special day, we wish they were around other times of the year as well. For instance, wouldn’t it be nice to have a chance at winning a pot of gold right before Christmas? While you don’t have to pass out gold when you’re dressed up as this gleeful green character, you’re sure to spread plenty of laughs. And isn’t that the best kind of reputation to have?Details & DesignSaint Patrick’s Day happens every year, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a leprechaun costume that can be worn more than once? That’s why we took care to make our Made by Us leprechaun costume high-quality and comfortable. This costume features a flashy gold vest front and velvet jacket. The green and gold combo is accented with a gold bow tie and a top hat that announces that you’ve arrived to have a good time!In the GreenHeading out for Saint Patrick’s Day festivities with your friends? Maybe you’re entertaining a crowd with traditional Irish music! No matter what you’re up to this costume keeps dressing as this legendary creature simple. Pair the jacket with your own shirt and pants so you can comfortably jig to your heart’s content even after a plateful of corned beef and cabbage! In fact, this costume is so good you might even want to break it out for Halloween. A fresh, green costume like this is as good as gold!

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