Mens Black Pirate Beard


You are sure to be the most feared sea captain there has ever been when you flaunt this Black Pirate Beard!

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Saving FaceWhen you’re facing the high seas, it’s important to be ready for anything. You’ve got your harpoon by your side in case of a giant squid attack. You know you have to bring down the sails when a storm rolls in. The ship is getting overrun by scurvy? You brought along some Vitamin C tablets just for this occasion. You’ve taken almost everything into account so when you’re standing on deck, facing the elements, you’ve got to take care of your face. The sea is full of sun, wind, and salt water. This big, thick, black beard will keep your face from burning in the hot sun and keep you warm while the hurricane gales are howling. A good sailor knows how to save his face!Product DetailsWant your bear to stand out with luxurious length and plenty of salty-dog scruff? This black beard is a great way to go. It straps with an elastic band to the back of your head. It has a hefty mustache that droops over a shaggy long beard for a tough and rugged look. Pirate PersonaBlackbeard, the most famous pirate of all time, was named for his facial hair. What better way to make sure that your pirate costume gets the respect it deserves? Looks like it’s time to set sail, savvy?

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