Labyrinth Adult Ludo Costume


Whether you are calling the rocks or wandering the labyrinth with your friend Sarah (hopefully avoiding the Bog of Eternal Stench), we think this Labyrinth Adult Ludo Costume will make you want to dance, magic dance all night long!

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Rock Gardener Seeking Employment It all started in that awful swamp. Ooof. It just smelled so bad. Rumors were that if you ever touched even a drop, it’d stick with you for all your life! But, even a place as disgusting as the Bog of Eternal Stench could be tidied up a bit. Could it ever become a place that folks would want to look at!? You’d think it was impossible, except for the astonishing song of a certain Ludo of the Labyrinth. Ludo is a gargantuan muppet of a monster but the most gentle guy that you’ve seen in twenty-seven legs of the Labyrinth. He’s not a fan of goblins and, as we noted, is certainly susceptible to the smell of a certain swamp. (We figure that stuff must cling to fur like nobody’s business.) Fortunately, Ludo has a stone-cunning song that brings all the boulders to the yard. So, if you’re looking to cultivate the most gorgeous of rock gardens, there’s nobody better to turn to than this gentle lug of a giant! Design & DetailsLeap into the Labyrinth as the cuddliest guy on the team thanks to this officially licensed Ludo costume! This Made By Us look was put together by our own in-house design team in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company. The costume itself is an oversized, furry tunic with a comfy satin lining to keep you just a bit cooler than a furry giant would otherwise be! Matching pants and molded feet will have you tromping on swamp stones like a pro while the furry mask will complete your transformation. (Just keep an eye out for nasty goblins!) Rock Whisperer and Garden GuardianWhether you want to help Sarah explore the Labyrinth or set out on your own with a brand new occupation, you’re going to have a delightful time bringing Ludo to life. In fact, grab a few friends to wander the Labyrinth together and bring all of the epic film into the real world! 

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