Kids Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume


Send you child to outer space this Halloween with this exclusive Kids Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume. features comfortable 100% polyester twill fabric. Just throw in a Helmet and boots and your child is ready to go explore the Universe.

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When you told your child to reach for the stars, you probably didn’t think she’d literally want to reach for the stars, but you have to support her dreams any way you can. Right? Get her a book on the astronomy, teach her about constellations and do some preliminary training for NASA. Well, we want to help your kid achieve her dreams too. We want to see her piloting a rocket ship some time in the future. We want to see her become the first person to colonize Mars! It all begins with a little imagination and the right costume, of course…This kids Astronaut Jumpsuit is one awesome way to help encourage your child to shoot for the stars. The full-body jumpsuit has an orange and white color scheme that looks just like something that a real astronaut would wear into space. It zips in front, so your child can suit up for a mission in a matter of seconds. The suit also has a themed patch on the front and on the sleeve for a more authentic look. All of it combines for a look that is ready for a test run in a space ship.Is your girl ready to explore the final frontier? Will she take on the role of astronaut? Only time will tell exactly what she may discover on her many interstellar adventures, but you can be sure that she’ll be dressed for the job when she’s wearing this costume, made exclusively by our awesome costume experts!

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