6 FT Light Up Cocoon Corpse Prop


Look like your friend found themselves in a sticky situation with this 6 FT Light Up Cocoon Corpse! But it sure makes a great addition to your spooky decorations!

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Big Spider, Big ProblemsAdd something truly terrifying to your Halloween decorations. People generally don’t like spiders and others are actually a bit afraid of creepy crawlers. They’re only little creatures, many of them not much bigger than a coin. So, most people may jump a little when happening upon a spider before releasing it outside. However, how big is a spider that can wrap up a 6foot person in their web? Bigger than a coin, that’s for sure. You may have some trouble getting a spider that huge to leave your house. That’s what makes this 6 Foot Light Up Cocoon Corpse absolutely horrifying! Some poor soul faced a fate worse than death. He became an arachnid juice box. When your neighbors see this decoration hanging in your front yard, they’ll think twice about stepping onto your property. What sort of monstrous spider is lurking around your home? Only a few may stick around to find out.Product DetailsThis cocoon corpse decoration is made of polyester and plastic materials. The light-up eyes are triggered with a sonic sensor, they will require 3 AA batteries to operate. As previously stated this Halloween figure measures out to be approximately 6 feet tall, from head to toes.

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