Gryffindor Toddler Knit Beanie


Teach your little one early what house they belong to by having them wear this Gryffindor Toddler Knit Beanie.

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Future Hogwarts AlumYou know how parents like to put their babies and toddlers in “future student of [insert school name here]” onesies and tiny sweaters? It’s a cute way for adults to rep their alma mater and show their love for their old school. But forget that! That’s nowhere near as awesome as deciding on which Hogwarts house your child is destined to be a part of! If your child is brave, and perhaps sometimes a bit too bold in their decisions, then fit them out in this Gryffindor Toddler Knit Beanie. Your little witch or wizard will love its bright colors and soft, knitted fabric!Product DetailsThis scarlet and yellow beanie is perfect for a costume event or even just a chilly day! The stripes lead to a red pompom at the crown, while the front of the beanie features the Gryffindor house crest. This crest is different than the normal crest! The medieval style has been swapped out for a sweet cartoon version, so the crowned, smiling lion is more recognizable by your young one. This is the perfect time to teach them how to say “Gryffindor!” Or, if they’re a bit older, “Gryffindor wins the House Cup!”

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